Featuring Katherine Corcoran, Cyma Hibri & Elizabeth Lewis

This month, we explore radical changes in selfhood, neighbourhoods and the right to determine our own futures, presented in glorious technicolour. These particular SHAPESHIFTERS aren't trying to find the escape hatch; rather they’re attempting to inhabit their identities and their communities more fully, more deeply. It turns out that these three artists share a visual language, each bringing different perspectives to the queerness of living and becoming, through bodies, objects and rituals. 

In our STREETSPACE and TAXIDERMY T.V., Katherine Corcoran delivers virtual intimacies and sketches out future desire lines, working an aesthetic that she describes as 'A flesh that flows, a sound that fucks…’. In our CURIOSITY CABINET, Elizabeth Lewis reflects on the precarity of #sharehouselyfe in a jaunty series of ceramic vases that attempt to poke holes in the Sydney housing bubble and its bedfellow, the affordable housing crisis (we didn't have to have). Finally, in THE SALON and surrounds, Cyma Hibri pays ritualistic homage to two emerging drag stars of the Sydney scene: Honiboi and Nearvous, by reworking, appropriating and recycling visual and spiritual elements into a radiant display that fits right in here at The Tit. 

Oh, and it’s Art Month Sydney again, so extra spesh.

Opening night drinks: Tuesday 19 March 2019, from 6 to 8pm
With beers brought to your by our brewfriends @PhilterBrewing.

Image: Katherine Corcoran, ‘X/X’, 2018/19. Courtesy the artist.