Featuring Joshua Bentley, Amanda Bromfield + ellen.gif
1 May - 23 June 2018


It’s hard to believe we are, as humans, still collectively emerging from the primordial goo to become our true, chosen selves. YOLKS spills its guts to the world, showing us close-up encounters of the intimate self, intimacy with others, queer family structures and digital archives dug up from those formative years. While the personal remains political, it also delivers something subversive and soooo connected.

In our STREETSPACE and SALON, Joshua Bentley’s portraits of members of Sydney sharehouse 'The Habit' switch the nuclear family for chosen family, set in twilit, wild domestic spaces. This is a site of experimentation in queer co-Habiting, revolt and radical love, and we are all about that. Inside, you can find Amanda Bromfield's cock-blocking ceramics on display in our CURIOSITY CABINET: replicas of her female-identifying friend’s favoured ugly undies. On our Taxidermy T.V., ellen.gif is looking at you, kid. She sifts through the remnants of her childhood internet history and conjures a kind of GIF Hell that is a mess of nostalgia, bad taste and unicorns. Your can catch her teen self in a series of interactive Dolly Doctor-esque scrapbooking sessions, the results of which will be pasted up in our LANEWAY starting on opening night. And don’t forget our April artist-in-residence Harriet Gillies, who takes the stage to bring us her own recipe of life/porn/love-infused Nihilism.

Bring your family. Bring your dog. Bring your self.

* * *

Opening Night: Tuesday 1 May 6-8pm
Features live works by ellen.gif and Harriet Gillies.

As always, cheap beers are brought to you by our friends at Philter Brewing.

* * *

Image: 'Joe' by Joshua Bentley