25 September - 4 November 2017


Follow your heart, girls... ugh... if only it were that simple!!

This month The Tit looks closely (not too close!) at the spectre of social anxiety as it manifests across our media-frenzied lives. FALL GIRLS bears witness to those unexpected emotional exposures, the social media slip-ups, crushingly unfilfilled crushes, Tinder fails... because we're all drowning in a sea of luke warm tears. Artists Romi Graham and Celina Jayne Irwin are your fall girls for the evening... falling over themselves, that is.

In our STREETSPACE, Romi has set up a sweatshop of wearable and not-so-wearable merch that acts as a kind of shrine to life's unmentionable fails. Inside, our CURIOSITY CABINET continues the tender Tinder theme with a mash-up of works by both artists: shelves of hand-pulled dildos (they're the wurst), piles of hand-printed prophylactics, maybe a bible or two. Around the corner, our TAXIDERMY T.V. features documentation of several shameful past performances, and THE SALON becomes a let-it-all-hangout with CJ's new suite of meme-girl embroideries and plush cushions.

C’mon… it’ll be a hot mess but you’re still going to swipe right.

* * * *

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Image: Romi Graham