Featuring Lachlan Herd, Anna McMahon and Miška Mandić
14 August - 23 September

As we throw winter off for another year, those dark cycles of decay which have worked their way into our bones become the basis for new growth… new life. Even if, sometimes, we’re not sure exactly what we’re growing here at The Bearded Tit.

HALF LIFE upends classical ideas of how ‘life' is supposed to work, using bio-remnants as fodder for creation and mutation. Screen perfect specimens are replaced by messy clouds of mould and fruit fly explosions, dripping ectoplasm and flaccid wilt. In our STREETSPACE, Lachlan Herd presents the body as a shared site; as an ecology both human and non-human. A series of sealed satellites will be growing Redfernian/Herd biota, in a melding of the artist’s own DNA with yeasts and bacteria naturally occurring on Regent Street. Inside The Tit, Anna McMahon’s neon floral arrangement is suspended in a state of slow death, tucked away from air and sunlight, while Miška Mandić’s slow-melt still life breakdowns loop on our TAXIDERMY T.V. and on screens in THE SALON. It’s like watching David Attenborough in reverse. For those non-believers, the Anthropocene is now physically present in the room with us all… silently lurking inside hermetically sealed containers and pristine packaged foods, trying to find a way to reset life just beyond the low frequency fizz of the LED screen.

It’s time for us all to use the half life we have left to do something about our little piece of planet.

* * *
OPENING DRINKS with the artists
Monday 14 August, 6-8pm
with beers brought to you by our new besties at Philter Brewing
SYDNEY CONTEMPORARY Opening Night Party & Performances
feat. The Huxleys (Melb) & Betty Grumble
Thursday 7 September, 8pm till late
Performance program THE LAB as part of Sydney Contemporary
Curated by Emma Price
7-10 September, The Bearded Tit & Carriageworks & locations TBA
* * *

Image: Miška Mandić