Featuring Mariana Del Castillo, Deborah Kelly and Simone Darcy
22 May - 1 July 2017


Sharpen your scissors, sisters.

This month, three women artists take on the contents of the cutting room floor and transform those fabric and paper sherds into powerful cross-bred creatures of darkness and light, as part of THE CUTTING ROOM.

Fusing botanical remnants and scraps from the blanket box, Mariana Del Castillo grafts patternmaking with taxidermy, creating hybrid characters that show the prickly side of family histories, and rendering household keepsakes slightly sinister. Memory itself becomes a cutting tool as Del Castillo pieces together childhood memories into a sobering STREETSPACE tableau vivant, while keeping the “good china” in reserve for her ceramic botanics in our CURIOSITY CABINET.

On our TAXIDERMY T.V. Deborah Kelly’s animated collages mesmerise, as art historical and high fashion females are animalised and disembodied in a hypnotic death dance of limbs and pincers. And our STARVING ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Simone Darcy tantalises us with her surreal future feminist works in THE SALON while she is beavering away on new work in situ - so go take a sneaky peek!

Paper, Scissors... Schlock? We can’t wait to see what will emerge next from this primordial goo.

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Opening drinks: Monday 22 May, 6-8pm
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Image: Mariana Del Castillo. 'The Arrival of the Ferals', 2017.