Featuring Amelia Vivash + Marcus McKenzie & Amelia Dowd


“FEED ME, FEEEEEED ME!” cried the insatiable flesh-eating monster plant in the 1980’s musical comedy 'Little Shop of Horrors'.

Fast track to now: a culture where anything can be bought, sold and consumed, our cannibalistic currency of contemporary Pop would have Andy Warhol screaming from his grave for a new 3 seconds of fame. This is a new breed of ‘feed', with social media platforms becoming hella unsocial as smartphone zombies ‘feed' and ‘follow’. PAINT WILL EAT ITSELF sees artists navigate post-Modernity’s appetite for destruction in a hot mess of neon paint, blood and fat. Dripping, oozing, bubbling, mercurial masses of gas and magic (just like the body itself), the paint-bomb replaces the photo bomb in order to see AND be seen.

Infecting our STREETSPACE, CURIOSITY CABINET and THE SALON, Amelia Vivash @fattyacids666 has disemboweled a rainbow over a glut of canvases and objects portraying pornographic dinosaurs, rabid emojis and cartoon icons like Donald Trump and Sponge Bob Square Pants… we’ll let you decide which is which. Our TAXIDERMY TV switches to a seething slow boil as artists Marcus McKenzie & Amelia Dowd navigate chaos via paint and performance in 'Surface Tensions'. This is a painterly portal to what’s lurking underneath, and it’s not all Snapchat, crackle and pop!

So come ‘followers’... get a feed worthy of an all-you-can-eat colour by numbers designed by the Devil, where every number just happens to be 666.

* * *

OPENING DRINKS Monday 10 May 2017, 6-8pm
with cheap beers thanks to our besties at Murray's Craft Brewing Co

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Image: Amelia Vivash