A Textile Takeover by Rafaela Pandolfini + Katie Maling

What makes a body feminine? Who defines the margins of female form? How does the gendered experience exercise control over our bodies? As part of Art Month Sydney, Rafaela Pandolfini and Katie Maling look closer at the feminine, having collaborated with a series of performers to wrap, strap, bind and fold flesh in ways that expand our visions of womanhood.

The Tit STREETSPACE has been transformed into a tactile textile installation which features video performances by Bhenji Ra, Adonis & Ivey Wawn. Inside, follow the fabric fantasy into our CURIOSITY CABINET, which features deconstructed components of costumes worn by the performers. Then "sashay away" into THE SALON, where the artists have suspended their body bindings alongside beautifully captured photographic stills. Even our TIT TOILET has been bodymorphed into a skin-centric soundscape. After all that, you might need a rest, so pull up a barstool, order a drink and run your eyes over the full length, uncut theatre-piece on our TAXIDERMY T.V.

You might have noticed that we don't do things by half measures around here; at the Tit you’ve always got to be skin it to win it, no matter what skin you're in.

* * *
Wednesday 1 March 6-8pm
with beers brought to you by our besties at Murray's Craft Brewing Co
* * *

Image: Rafeala Pandolfini and Katie Maling. 'Adonis', 2017. Image courtesy the artist.