Featuring Madeleine Cruise and Oliver Harlan
21 December - 24 January


There might be tinsel, but this ain’t no kind of Christmas show.

This month, Novocastrians Madeleine Cruise and Oliver Harlan have collaborated on a Tit takeover to get us through those holiday highs and dizzying lows. EGO REBEL is a psychadelic trip through the artists’s minds: it’s all about us watching you watching us. Combining painting, costume, object, video and performance, this show will suck you in and spit you out.

In our STREETSPACE, Madeleine Cruise digs deep on her emotional states with a series of tendrilous colour field paintings and soft sculptural forms which have become set pieces for a mesmerising performance piece. Inside, our CURIOSITY CABINET becomes an evidence locker that holds the creative residue of an artist’s life, and will feature wearable objects by Madeleine, so you too can wear your heart on your sleeve. Around the corner, our TAXIDERMY T.V. is an experiment in ego rebellion and also the first collaborative work by Harlan and Cruise. In a backyard deep in Newcastle’s coal-dusted suburbs, status anxiety becomes a thing of the past as Harlan attempts to push his way through through life’s minute successes and candy comedowns. THE SALON features a final assault on the senses with a selection of Cruise’s paintings and squeezable worm-like plushies … maybe you’ll even find a way to fight your own ego monsters.

There’s still ho, ho, hope for us all.

* * *

OPENING DRINKS: 6-8pm Thursday December 21, 2017
Beers brought to you by our besties at Philter Brewing.

* * *

Image: Madeleine Cruise + Oliver Harlan. EGO REBEL, 2017.