A sampling of all night treats for the city that’s been forced to sleep.
By emma price. Featuring performances by Beau Kirq, Yoyo, Lian Loke, Erica Englert, Emma Maye and Stereogamous.

31 October – 10 December 2016


Strange things happen late at night. Any 24-hour institution – whether a truck stop, a convenience store, a casino, Pancakes at The Rocks or a sex shop – becomes a twilight zone, where time is suspended and queer is in the air. 24-hour diners have a special magic to them, the kind of bizarre dreamlike state that settles over a place where the lights never go out and the coffee never goes cold. A kind of 3a.m. eternal.

In the grand traditions of the ‘bottomless cup café’, 24 H(OUR) DINER rises from the ashes of Sydney’s nocturnal spaces, recolonising the colonised, taking up space and making the invisible visible. It’s a space that brings back belonging; it is ‘ours’. A place where FaceTime™ is replaced with face-to-face time and with each revolution of the clock’s hand across its face, these revolutions in their truest definition overthrow social order in favour of a new system.

Awash with neon lighting and neon-green-screen green, the space shifts and morphs as oral histories, alternative narratives and spatial reconfigurations occur. Oh, and there is coffee and donuts.

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* 24 H(OUR) DINER, by Emma Price, was originally commissioned by Performance Space for ‘Day For Night: 24 Hours’, 2016.

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OPENING DRINKS: Halloween Night, 31 October 2016 6-8pm
Beers brought to you by our besties at Murray's Craft Brewing Co

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Image credit: Hospital Hill.