19 September - 29 October 2016

Spring is finally here and as we emerge from our winter hibernations to show off those moon tans, it seems we are exposing more than just our skin. This month, LOST + FOUND sheds light on the sheds, closets, nooks, crannies and whatever else you've been hiding under your bed. The Tit will be exposing these dark corners and interior states of mind and space, airing out your dirty laundry with pride.

In the STREETSPACE and our CURIOSITY CABINET, Ida Lawrence has created a collection of time-worn, fictional family heirlooms, making precious our discards and daily banalities. The body and its wastes are acutely present but have long since disappeared from view, leaving behind the lint-ball of a life well-lived. Penelope Hoess is her own kind of disappearing act, performing a series of slow, human occupations ofdomestic space on our TAXIDERMY T.V., squeezing and confining her body to ever-smaller frames and miniscule movements.

We are also proud to welcome two special deliveries from Japan that were LOST at sea, but have FOUND creative kinfolk here with us Tits. JonJon Green’s monuments become miniature as he reconstitutes large-scale paper murals from Japan into piecemeal Pop collages in THE SALON, whist MIZPAM continues to look for her spirit animal in our LANEWAY.

So open your eyes, little creatures, and walk back into the light.

* * * *

OPENING DRINKS Monday 19 September, 6-8pm
As always, art @ The Tit brought to you by our besties at Murray's Craft Brewing Co.

* * * *

Image: Penelope Hoess