A Tit takeover by Justin Henderson.


Enter a new kind of hedonistic hell with Justin Henderson’s Tit takeover show LUXE INFERIOR. Using all the available real estate inside the walls of the bar, Henderson explores the evacuation of culture by presenting an XXX-rated neoliberal bacchanal that feeds itself on a diet of luxury goods, logos, superyachts, energy drinks and hardcore porn. This is a pre-apocolyptic solo voyage across economic, political and geographical terrain, and you’re going to need some big balls to fight the power.

In our STREETSPACE, Henderson questions the rise of the narcissistic corporate CEO with his ‘bored room’ installation, modified for the mean streets of Redfern. Inside, our CURIOSITY CABINET displays a series of foam-carved 'money shots’ surrounded by beakers of black sump oil; the products of a reproductively dead system of exchange. Around the corner on our TAXIDERMY T.V. you’ll find a re-mixed compilation of luxury yacht promo videos which stand as crude trophies to the best of the bad taste. Finally, in THE SALON Henderson co-opts the language of visual merchandising to deliver a shining but scathing commentary on selling out.

This is the new crude, people, and it’s here to stay.

* * *

Opening Night: Monday 16 May 6-8pm
(with delicious beer brought to you by the brew-boys at Murray's Craft Brewing Co)

Image credit: Justin Henderson, Forever New II, 2015.