Featuring Kubrick or Korine (Alex Munt & Justin Harvey), Alex Wisser, Saki Koulos + Aaron Manhattan

Urban Dic(k)tionary defines “werk” as “[doing] something to an exceedingly excellent capacity. Most notably used in reference to dancing, modeling, sexual prowess and/or other physical performance that requires a large amount of fiery attitude, vitality and vigour.”

It’s a testosterone and sweat-fuelled all male line-up up this month at The Bearded Tit as we take an up-close-and-personal look at the changing role of "men’s work”. Whether it’s hi-viz shovel-shifting or glitter-filled stagecraft, we follow the kind of men who can transcend physical labour to achieve things above, below and beyond.

The STREETSPACE features Alex Munt & Justin Harvey’s ego channel 24 Hour Franco, literally a 24-hour celebrity feed devoted to the life and work of the actor-slash-artist/director James Franco. Inside, Alex Wisser sweats it out in a one-by-one-metre hole of his own making on our TAXIDERMY T.V., while Aaron Manhattan displays the tools of his stage-trade in our CURIOSITY CABINET. Out back in THE SALON, Saki Koulos looks at our after-hours exploits, taking fragments from photographs that have been abstracted into intimate collages and painted details. You’ll never look at down-time the same way again.

* * *

Opening Night: Monday 4 April 6-8pm
(with delicious beer brought to you by the brew-boys at Murray's Craft Brewing Co)

Image credit: Alex Wisser, A Hole for Hill End, 2015.