Featuring Elvis Richardson, Madeleine Preston, 110%, Tanja Bruckner with Selena Murray & CoUNTess.


HASHTAG WINNING! celebrates the second placers, the 'almosts' and life's unlucky losers as part of Sydney’s favourite competitive sport, Art Month! History may be written by the victorious, but that doesn’t stop us from slow-clapping those who continue to make their own valiant attempts. Failure is definitely an option this month at The Bearded Tit.

In our STREETSPACE, the very clever Elvis Richardson creates her own monuments to art world success, while around the corner CoUNTess has been tallying the latest pink stats about women in the arts. (Makes for some sober reading, so you better get back to the bar.) Inside, Madeleine Preston has collected a reliquary of sad trophies for our CURIOSITY CABINET and our favourite runners-up 110% are engaged in a 3-way pat-on-the-back via long distance video on our TAXIDERMY T.V. Last but not beast, Tanja Bruckner & Selena Murray prove that nice guys finish last with a collaboration in THE SALON featuring some spectacularly sad animal abundances.

Because it's not about winning, it's about how you fail the game.

Art @ The Tit is supported by our besties at Murray's Craft Brewing Co


Image: Tanja Bruckner & Selena Murray