FEATURING Amaya Lang & Nicky Minus, Nat Randall & Emily O'Connor, Liz Ham + Kallie Thorax.


HOLE LOTTA LOVE is our first foray into 2016 and features a stellar all-girl, all-action line-up. Forget those boring new years resolutions that focus on self-improvement and quitting stuff; get amongst the bad habits of the sisterhood... that source of strength, love, confidence and power. Go forth and fuck-what-the-world-thinks. Girls to the Front!

Our STREETSPACE features ceramic odes to the holy-est of holes by Amaya Lang, in collaboration with zine queen Nicky Minus, who is washing the walls with writhing neon bodies. Around the corner on the walls of our LANEWAY punk rock photographer and all-round lady legend Liz Ham blacks up the wall with a powerful paste-up of punk grrrl Celeste Electric. Inside, things get hot and sweaty on our TAXIDERMY T.V. with a filmic bitch fight between Hissy Fit-ters Nat Randall and Emily O’Connor. Behind our riot-proof glass in the CURIOSITY CABINET is a sample of recent feminist publishing while THE SALON features a curated fan-fest of girl band tees and tease from the bedroom collection of Thorax lead singer Kallie Thorax.

OPENING DRINKS: Monday 11 January 2016, from 6-8pm

Art@TheTit is supported by our besties at Murray's Brewing Co.


Image: Liz Ham. Punk Girls - Celeste Electric in Vita Shoac performance, Perfect Runway, Melbourne, 2015.