Curated by Chloé Wolifson. Featuring Rebecca Gallo, Sarah Goffman, Lisa Sammut + Lotte Schwerdfeger with Louise Meuwissen.

Imagine making sense of some of the most confusing song lyrics of all time ('Drop the monkey, smell my perfume...')? Curator-in-residence Chloé Wolifson does just that with ANIMAL/ MINERAL/ PHYSICAL/ SPIRITUAL: transforming Joan Armatrading's iconic track into a paean for 5 female artists who are themselves bower birds of happenstance. This month, the Bearded Tit becomes the staging post for the fetishisation of found, organic and man-made materials that have been recontentextualised, hoarded or arranged into strange new forms.

In our STREETSPACE, Lisa Sammut has installed a celestial sundial alongside Rebecca Gallo's desert tide accumulations and geo-time paste-ups in THE LANEWAY. Inside, you'll find Sarah Goffman's collection of shampoo bottles paying soapy homage to female artists she admires in our CURIOSITY CABINET, while Lotte Schwerdfeger and Louise Meuwissen collaboratively riff off taffeta and wire to create a kaleidoscopic wall installation in THE SALON. And on our TAXIDERMY T.V., a family assortment of house- and hand-made videos by the artists top off the collection. Turns out it doesn't matter what the words are if the rhythm makes you feel good.

Image credit: Lisa Sammut, You are sensible too, 2015.