Featuring Alli Sebastian Wolf, Beth Dillon, Giselle Stanborough & Micheal Graham.

As Mad Max returns to our cinema screens and national cultural psyche, The Bearded Tit navigates the landscape of DIY-topia and punk parallel possibilities, with tongue firmly in cheek. Models for making-do and shelter for only the fittest to survive, performance that morbidly celebrates misery. Oh… and there’s bloodshed.

In our STREETSPACE, Alli Sebastian Wolf has generated a post-apocalyptic diorama of her futurist fantasies. Our LANEWAY features twenty paste-up portraits of lost souls wanting to be found by serial scribbler Micheal Graham. Inside, you’ll find Beth Dillon in residence a.k.a. holding up the bar in her PJs and inviting revellers to join her and pen some sad poetry. Evidence of her empty hours are to be recorded on custom coasters and in sculptures made from barfly ephemera, turning our CURIOSITY CABINET into the artist’s Misery Museum. Beth’s bathrobes limply holding court in THE SALON when misery eventually leaves the building. And finally the bloodshed we promised, Giselle Stanborough’s #bloodsugarchecksmagic: a pathological pastiche of (im)mortal portraits and mediated landscapes laid bare across our TAXIDERMY T.V. Enjoy people, this won’t hurt a bit. 

Image credit: Giselle Stanborough, #bloodsugarchecksmagic, 2015.