Featuring Shavaurn Hanson, Alex Pye & Jj Rio.

BODY LANGUAGE scratches at the shiny surface of how the body negotiates the everyday. Re-reading and re-staging past lives, these three women use veiled images and symbolic texts to reflect upon their own and fabled other’s lived experiences. The mixed messages and scrambled semaphores are left for the audience to decode, and maybe talk back.

In our STREETSPACE, Shavaurn Hanson recreates her childhood memory of the sea breeze amongst a colourful display of nautical-themed linguistic acrobatics. Our LANEWAY features a coded middle-finger salute, also by Hanson. Inside, Alex Pye’s welded text wall in THE SALON offers large scale self-help and sits happily alongside her TAXIDERMY T.V. video work, which represents the third instalment in her rural biopic. And last but not least, JJ Rio plays flashy footsie in the CUROSITY CABINET.

Image credit: Shavaurn Hanson, Seabreeze (detail), 2015.