Featuring Alex Gereg & Beth Dillon.

Smart Casuals is all about the playful things artists can make when they are given no materials to work with. Some use the street as a scrapbook, the desert as a canvas or their bodies as sculptural potential; these artists have found inspiration everywhere and anywhere.

In our STREETSPACE, Alex Gereg's colourful assemblages bring some High Modernism back to the streets of Redfern. Inside, Alex will be showing off his source materials in the CABINET OF CURIOSITIES, alongside some wonderful Formalist-meets-Vicemag inspired photographs in THE SALON. And last but not least, Beth Dillon is back on our TAXIDERMY T.V., setting herself a series of comical tasks in the outback to bring splashes of pigment and action to an otherwise still world. 

Image credit: Beth Dillon, Getting to know you, 2013.