"You close your eyes and hope that this is just imagination,
But all the while you hear the creature creepin'up behind,
You're out of time..."

Michael Jackson, Thriller (1982)

This month our spook levels are turned up a notch just in time for some sinister Halloween hauntings. RAVE-DIGGERS features a maze of dark dreamers, phantom limbs, neon screamscapes, and writhing latex lovers. Spend all the time you want with these dark arts and spectacular spectres, but we recommend bringing a friend as back-up.

In our STREETSPACE, serial collector and reassembler of the broken, time-worn & unwanted, Margaret England brings her triptical transport devices to the streets of Redfern. Around the corner in our LANEWAY, Torrie Torrie’s paste-ups make creepy collage love, while inside on our TAXIDERMY T.V. you will find her strangely ambulant infomercial made for and inspired by The Bearded Tit's ‘FREE LOVE’ policy. Asya Vaughan explores our dreaming souls with a mischievous ceramic tableau that descends into darker territory inside our CURIOSITY CABINET, while Hayley Arjona (hailing from Victoria) lets it all hang out - guts, tongues and tits - in a series of psychedelic paintings that are 100% guaranteed to haunt
your vision.

So grab that friend by the hair and hold on tight.
It's going to be a long night, lovers.

Image credit: Torrie Torrie, Free Love, 2015.