Featuring Sarah Goffman, Captain Pipe, Mike Watt, Sindy Sinn, Ox King & Nico.

Grand Dame of finding wonder in the lost, forgotten and ordinary, Sarah Goffman brings her collection of vibrant survivors to our STREETSPACE. Part museum, part temple, part lost and found, part garage sale and refuge, Goffman’s Vibrant Matter celebrates the detritus oft swept aside whether in suburban back streets, council pick-ups, bottom drawers and the artist’s studio floor. Inside, the super-punny Captain Pipe takes over THE SALON and our TAXIDERMY T.V. Pipe Tube-ing his pictures through a process of drawing, punning, talking, making, animating, joking, jerking, gherkin, dill-igence, and heavy breathing. And finally our LANEWAY is up, up and away. A collision of lowbrow illustration, graffiti and graphic finesse, Mike Watt, Sindy Sin, Ox King and Nico adorn our external brick wall with many hands and cans of paint.

Image credit: Sarah Goffman, Vibrant Matter, 2014.