Featuring Kirsten Fredericks & Sarah Howell.

“Kirsten’s art makes a subtle yet ballsy statement. It’s just outrageous to think that you can cuddle up to a soft, 10-inch phallus. It instantly makes me smile and laugh out loud when I see them.”
Garry McEwan, artist.

Armed with crotchet hooks, wool, tribal paraphernalia and a sense of humour Sydney based artist Kirsten Fredericks takes the phallic symbol along with her knowledge of a traditional “feminine” craft and gives it a swift kick to the nether regions. The result is a playful, culturally charged homage to the male reproductive organ, on proud display to all in our STREETSPACE and CURIOSITY CABINET. In THE SALON, Sarah Howell draws as much inspiration from David Attenborough and Max Ernst as she does from the catwalk to create limited edition prints and textiles that give pure unadulterated aesthetic joy and happiness to your eyes.

Image credit: Kirsten Fredericks, Well Hung, 2014.