Featuring Blak Douglas, Steve Smith, Hayden Fowler & Megan Oliver.

Redfernian legend Blak Douglas takes it to the STREETSPACE with What’s Yours Was Once Mine, a deadly installation that has pierced the fabric of the building and landed indoors. Steve Smith, the infamous hands behind our Free Love Not Free Beer gold awning, presents a collection of heroic and sublimely grotesque illustrations and paintings in THE SALON, and Hayden Fowler joins the Bearded Tit menagerie with a fantastical feathered video work New World Order, finally kicking off our TAXIDERMY T.V. program. Last but NOT least, local tattooist Megan Oliver’s magical mural commission brings the circus to town in our LANEWAY with Call of the Carnival Siren.

Image credit: Blak Douglas, What’s Yours was once Mine, 2014.